Shroud Eater - Dead Ends (File, MP3)

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  1. Repellers // Dead Hand - Split by Dead Hand, released 07 January 1. Apex Parasite Split 7 inch with Repellers. "Dead Hand are a four-piece from Georgia and they play thick, doom laden sludge. The beautiful thing about the song ‘Apex Parasite’ is the guitar riff that carries on throughout the majority of the song. It’s original and innovative.
  2. Shroud Eater was an American Sludge / Doom / Stoner Metal band from Miami, FL, formed in They split in late or
  3. DEAD ENDS by Shroud Eater, released 09 July 1. Cannibals 2. Sudden Plague 3. Lord of the Sword 4. Tempest 5. The Star and the Serpent.
  4. Miami fl. based three piece Sludge/Doom band Shroud Eater is back with the EP Dead Ends as a follow up of their debut full length album ThunderNoise ().Dead Ends comprises of 5 tracks and has a playtime of about 28 minutes altogether. In these mere 28 minutes quite a lot of things happen, though.
  5. That is, I’ll allow, a fan’s perspective on what Shroud Eater have done here, and there will invariably be those for whom Strike the Sun is their first exposure to the band. On that level, flourish like the subdued tension in “Smokeless Fire” and “Dream Flesh,” or the samples that top the noisy instrumental side A closer “Another Skin” seems all the more to bolster the.
  6. Shroud Eater. Guitars, Vocals (present) Shroud Eater (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics: ThunderNoise: Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars: Dead Ends (EP) Vocals, Guitars (as "Jean Saiz") Shroud Eater / Dead Hand (Split) Shroud Eater / Dead Hand (Split) Cover art .
  7. Jul 06,  · Shroud Eater – Dead Ends (The Path Less Traveled Records, 09 July ). Shroud Eater / Dead Hand – Split (Southern Druid Records, 25 November ). Shroud Eater – Strike the Sun (STB Records, 07 July ). Here’s some exciting news for you this afternoon: Miamian sludge-doom trio Shroud Eater are releasing their first full-length album in more than six years, tomorrow!

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